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TruTrackTruTrack is used as the TruTech suite gateway and Middleware, to integrate TruTech applications with RFID products and to automate the capture and management of tracking data. TruTrack is built using latest Oracle technology, middleware tools and database technology. TruTrack can interface with different types of RFID readers, RFID tags and RFID equipment, so tracking data is brought seamlessly to plant automation systems, such as operations management(TruOperate), production management(TruProd), safety management(TruSafe) and warehouse and facility management solutions. TruTrack automates the tracking of assets, vehicles, personnel and equipment within any facility.



  • Enhances facility security and safety.
  • Enhances plant productivity by enhancing visibility of assets and people.
  • Enhances plant efficiency by having automated supply chain and logistics management.
  • Enhance benefits from other applications who need tracking within their function such as, TruOperate, LIMS, TruSafe.
  • Reduce time and effort needed to implement tracking solutions in major industries. 
  • Automate the tracking of assets and equipment.
  • Automate the tracking of personnel.
  • Built-in drivers for the most prevailing RFID readers in the market.
  • High availability of network devices and smart status detection.
  • Remote control and management of the network readers.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis capability.
  • Custom Data processing and aggregation functions.
  • Built-in and configurable data filters, or detected from tracking devices in real time.
  • Automate supply chain solutions.
  • Detect violations of protected areas.
  • Graphical monitoring of objects tracked in real time.
  • Handle all kinds of RFID tags such as passive, active etc.