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TruSafe-TruSafe is a comprehensive HSE management software, used for managing respective plant HSE Data, plant events and HSE tasks, including plant accidents, incidents and near-misses. It provides several models, to analyse risk, manage emission data, regulatory reporting, hygiene management data and activities, safety studies, safety assets, safety tours and safety inspection. It provides a rich suite of statistical analysis, reports and calculations.

  • Help reducing and/or eliminating accidents and incidents.
  •  Meeting international and local regulations and reporting requirements.
  •  Better control of emissions, waste and pollution.
  •  May result in reducing insurance premium.
  •  Decision support

Incident / Accident Management

Utilising the Trutech Automated workflow system to manage plant events such as, incidents, both hazardous & non-hazardous. These are tracked, right from initiation, through investigation, recommendations, follow-up until close out, ensuring a systematic approach. TruSafe is equipped with an advanced alerts and escalation functions, so HSE personnel will ensure that respective actions are completed on time. This module will enable capturing respective event data, personnel data, plant and equipment data. It ensures a step-by-step approach, necessary approvals are taken and the right authorities are involved. It also captures respective event costs, deadlines and responsibilities.

Emission Monitoring

With the ability to obtain data from different sources, including RTDB, LIMS, DCS, data loggers and manual entry, this module will enable users to define and monitor all types of emissions including CO2, SO2, SOX, NOX, flares and smoke density. It presents results in tabular forms, trends and reports, against industry standards, limits & benchmarks. This module has a comprehensive calculation module, that enable users to calculate emission indices and results from plant data and measurements.

Waste Management Module

Monitors both solid and liquid waste. The data is measured against international limits and benchmarks. The module enables the definition of waste types, sources, quantities, analysis and other important information.

Risk Analysis Module:

This module has the ability to calculate the severity of associated risks, based on multiple risk elements and factors, per case. The data can be displayed both numerically and by colour, depending on risk level. It uses the concept of impact, risk probability and severity. The risk module can be used to evaluate risks associated with works to be implemented, events or planned maintenance and operations tasks. The module uses four colours, each defines one level of risk.

Safety Studies/ Meeting Management Module:

Manages all Safety studies / audits recommendations and actions. Manages Safety meetings, Minutes, actions and participation. It provides a mechanism, to track actions emerging from those studies & meetings e.g actions emerging from incident investigations, actions from HAZOP studies or actions emerging from safety tours.

ASSET Management Module:

Used for managing and tracking HSE assets data and status. This relates to HSE assets, such as fire engines and fire equipment.

Hygiene Management Module:

Used to manage all activities, actions, functions and data related to Hygiene Management, such as inspection tours, water hygiene, air hygiene, open area hygiene, medical records, personnel hygiene and others

Integration and external data:

TruSafe integrates with TruPlant. It also uses data coming from RTDB systems, DCS systems, emission analysers and systems, F&G systems and other systems, such as LIMS.