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Tracking & Data Portability (Mobile)

TRUST TECHNICAL SERVICES provides end to end Tracking and Data Portability (Mobile) Solutions with real time visibility of the business, in a user-friendly way. Using modern wireless technologies, like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), PDA’s, mobile handhelds and GPS technology, it is vital to select the right solution for each problem, to achieve best results. With our expertise and references in this field, we can easily and seamlessly, automate any business process. Along with RFID ,GPS, and GIS we also implement and integrate barcode solutions with all Automation systems like warehouse management and inventory.

We have over a decade of experience in the area of IT and Geospatial solutions and services. Members of our senior staff have held prior positions with leading firms in the IT industry.

During our journey, we have developed and delivered IT solutions in the following verticals:

-Government Sectors

-Industrial ( such as site tours, asset & people tracking)




-Health care

-Warehouse & Storage



GPS Fleet Management system will prove to be a valuable investment in delivering many opportunities to increase the efficiency, productivity and accountability of your organization resulting in better scheduling, control and savings.

Improve Productivity

Document Actual Routes Driven & Stops Made

Real-time location updates

Eliminate Idle Time & Over-Time

Reports and Alerts

Improve Employee Accountability & Operations Reporting

Reduce Fuel Cost


Alerts in Real-Time

Ability to setup alerts to be sent to you via SMS or email in real-time, allowing better utilization of time and not eliminating any possible of missing any important movement of certain vehicles/drivers.

Elimination of Vehicle Idling

Vehicle Idling is a major reason for waste fuel and increasing your fuel expenses – for every two minutes a vehicle  is idling, it uses about the same amount of fuel it takes to go about one kilometer. Monitoring and eliminating that will keep the fuel expenses under control and at a minimum.

Elimination of Unauthorized vehicle usages

Many organizations also let drivers take vehicle home. These policies are often misused by employees and they could possibly use the company vehicle for a second job. The GPS Monitoring system will immediately put a stop to such misuse.




Leading wireless and RFID solution provider to the Middle East. Top ranked by end-users for design and successful implementation of RFID systems, we have an extensive product suite and proven methodologies which allow rapid deployment of RFID infrastructure and networks that are highly accurate and highly scalable.

Operational expertise combined with strong leadership creates a client-centrist culture with exceptional products and services to solve the most damaging challenges, while ensuring a fast and high return on investment. It all means that automation powered by TRUST is an assurance of the highest level of product performance and project success. TRUST delivers RFID the way it’s supposed to be.



Industrial and Manufacturing:
Industrial and manufacturing industries have significant supply chain needs that can be met by RFID. Correctly designed and integrated with robust IT systems, TRUST solutions are making rich, fast and accurate track and trace data collection with the use of our TRUPDA software much easier and cheaper to come by for a variety of objectives and processes including manufacturing process.
Applications includes:

Improvements, operational efficiency, enhanced inventory control, Supply chain security, JIT parts management planning, efficient Part tracking and tracing as well as quality control and Supply chain logistics.


Oil and Gas:

With demand for energy trending at an all time high and production cost increasing the Oil and Gas sector is under increasing pressure to improve operational and financial results, while continuing to meet the expected demand for energy. The use of TRUST wireless and RFID solutions real relevance in almost every sector of the oil and gas industry from production and processing, through the crude supply network, production, processing, supply and distribution, onto the refining process, transportation and distribution network, and finally the retail side of  the business.

Application includes:

Operator Rounds, Inspection Rounds, Condition Monitoring, Personal tracking for emergency evacuation, Warehouse management which includes Physical inventory stock taking.



TTS provides RFID solutions that can significantly differentiate and improve business fundamental including cost reduction, revenue increase, efficiency optimization and intelligent decision making. The business drivers and mainstream business

Application includes:

Personnel tracking and time and attendance, Warehouse management, Spare parts, tools, equipment, Material tracking Asset Tracking, Machinery tracking




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We have excellent experience in developing enterprise level Web based, Mobile and Smart devices, Desktop IT solution for GIS, Content Management, Business Process Management, e-Permitting, Portal, Document Management, Project Tracking, Asset Tracking, Service Desk, Incident management for various clients across the world.

The GIS team is experienced with revolutionary products and technologies in the IT industry. In addition to possessing the skills required for delivering healthy enterprise solutions, we are also focused on the future and in emerging technologies.

Our team has excellent experience in IT, Geospatial technology and spatial database systems such as ESRI ArcGIS Server, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Our team consists of certified professionals who are experts in Oracle, Oracle Spatial, Microsoft SQL Server and related database technologies. We are well versed in Oracle’s PL/SQL, Oracle Designer and Oracle Application Server. Our database group handles complex database modeling, design, development and data administration tasks.


We have expertise in implementing enterprise level Geospatial Solutions using ESRI suite (ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Engine, ArcIMS and ArcGIS desktop) of products. Intergraph (MGE, FRAMME, GEOMEDIA), Autodesk (AutoCAD, AutoCAD-Map, Map Guide), Bentley (Microstation and Bentley map) and MapInfo. We have good experience in integrating geospatial applications with real time business system.

We provide  design and implementation services of Tracking Solutions, based on either GPS systems for fleets and cars plus RFID technology for assets, people and equipment. Our solutions are based on a combination of 3rd party hardware with our advanced tracking SW, such as TruTrack, TruGPS and TruPDA.

The TruTech suite of TRUST has several modules that can receive and benefit from  tracking data coming through TruTrack and TruGPS, used to enhance the functionality provided by several modules such as TruOperate, TruSafe and TruPermit.